In 2019, my daughter was 11 years old. My wife and I were attending a night concert at the school when I felt the need to relieve myself. I went looking for a little boys room and came across this display which wrapped a portion of the schools circular shaped library. This is a middle school in Canton Michigan. My mind raced with anger.

  1. Why is this crap in my daughters school?
  2. Who thought that this was a good idea?
  3. There is no way that this is an approved kids club. (My thinking was that there are simply no 11 year old's that are this obsessed with their sexuality)

I contacted the school the next day and this is how the conversation went:

ME: Take that stuff down. This is NOT why I send my daughter to school.

VP: We can't

ME: Wuddo you mean you can't?

VP: It's not up to me. 

ME: Then who?

VP: The board. They allow the kids to form clubs.

ME: Bullshit. This is not a kids club. This is some crap that one of your twisted staff members wants to push onto my kid.

VP: Sir, I have no control over this.

ME: OK, my daughter is now obsessed with pen!s and wants to start a club for its inclusion.

VP: Sir, we can't allow that.

ME: SO, you DO have some say but you lack the balls.

Sympathetic to this vice principal's situation, I decided to take my concern to the school board. 



  1. Citizens of Michigan and businesses pay taxes that go to the federal government. 
  2. A certain amount of those taxes go to the federal school fund.
  3. When Michigan gets its money BACK, it comes with conditions and this gender agenda is just one of those conditions.



  1. Do not send our school dollars to the federal government.
  2. Disburse our money to the communities within the state.
  3. Allow each community to decide what, if anything, other than rw&a, they want to allow. The concept is not new, it's called "COMMUNITY SCHOOLS". 
    1. Public schools in your community should be governed by the community and the standards within the community (within reason).


BUT, this is just a sample of the crap that they are FORCING onto our children in the public schools. It's time to take the schools back,. 


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